Quinn Wells, MD, PharmD, MSCI

Assistant Professor
Cardiovascular Medicine

Dr. Wells is a pharmacist and physician scientist. His research interests are directed toward understanding the genomics and pharmacogenomics of cardiovascular disease, especially pathologic alterations in cardiac structure and function.  The overarching goal of his research center is to understand how common and rare genetic variation in individuals and populations contributes to variable disease susceptibility and drug response and toxicity. Ultimately, Dr. Wells wishes to then translate this knowledge to improved patient-centered care. His recent projects include exome sequencing based gene discovery in a large family with Mendelian cardiomyopathy of unknown cause and an electron medical record (EMR) based genome-wide association study of susceptibility to chemotherapy related cardiotoxicity. One of Dr. Wells' major interests is leveraging the power of the EMR for genomic studies of cardiac structure and function.