J. Jeffrey Carr, MD, MSc

Professor of Radiology
Bioinformatics/Cardiovascular Medicine

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Dr. Carr received his Medical Degree at Vanderbilt University and returned as a cardiovascular clinician-scientist and Professor of Radiology in the departments of Bioinformatics and Cardiovascular Medicine. His research is focused on developing quantitative imaging based biomarkers that can be used for to predict future disease risk or to support clinical decision making in populations or for personalized medicine applications. He has lead several projects that have utilized CT, MRI and ultrasound including: CARDIA, TOBAGO, Jackson Heart Study, Family Heart Study and Diabetes Heart Study.

Research Description

Additional Projects

The Cardiovascular Research Grid (CVRG) Project - R24 HL085343 
The CVRG is a national resource providing the capability to store, manage, and analyze data on the structure and function of the cardiovascular system in health and disease. The CVRG Project will develop new tools that will enhance the ability of researchers to explore and analyze their data to understand the cause and treatment of heart disease. 

Skeletal Muscle Adiposity in Black Men with High Type 2 Diabetes Risk--TOBAGO
We are obtaining and analyzing 1600 CT scans from men of African origin living on the island of Tobago for coronary artery calcium, aortic artery calcium, abdominal adipose tissue volumes, abdominal muscle volumes and composition, pericardial adipose tissue, and liver attenuation. These data will be combined with clinical variables and genetic data to determine how lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors influence cardiovascular disease and diabetes