Drs. Tindle & Wells Personalized Smoking Study Featured

November 27, 2017

Center investigators, Dr. Hilary Tindle and Dr. Quinn Wells, have been working on personalizing tobacco cessation treatment. Current smokers interested in quitting can get tested for the speed of nicotine metabolism ("normal" or "slow"), which may help in pharmaceutical tailoring. This work has been featured on research news @ Vanderbilt.

HIV and Heart Failure Work Featured

May 1, 2017

V-CREATE and VACS's work looking at individuals with HIV infection and their heart failure outcomes was recently featured in research news @ Vanderbilt. This is the first large study to reveal a higher risk of heart failure with reduced and preserved ejection fraction in HIV-infected individuals. The research news article highlights Dr. Freiberg's views regarding the implications of improved HIV treatment in the context of heart disease.

Dr. Wang on List of Most Frequently Cited Researchers

October 29, 2015

Dr. Wang, the director of the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine which houses V-CREATE, recently made the "highly cited" list for "exceptional impact." Thomson Reuters ranked 3,125 scientists whose papers ranked among the top 1% most cited for their subject and year of publication. Five Vanderbilt University Medical Center faculty members were on the list, including Dr. Wang.

MDD and Heart Failure Work Published in Circulation and Featured in Research News @ Vanderbilt

October 29, 2015

A recent study was published in Circulation by Dr. Freiberg's team that highlights the role of HIV and depression in cardiovascular outcomes. This study was the first to conclude that major depressive disorder (MDD) is an independent risk factor for heart failure in adults with HIV. Prior to this study, background research found that depression was a common comorbidity, but previous studies did not look at MDD as an independent risk factor.