Graduate students

Interdisciplinary Graduate PhD Program

Vanderbilt University maintains an Interdisciplinary Graduate Program that facilitates entry into eleven programs in the School of Medicine and College of the Arts & Sciences, including Human Genetics. We welcome IGP students to do a rotation in our lab with a focus on human genetics in biomedical research.  Integrative projects in population genetics, bioinformatics, genetic epidemiology, and racial disparities are the focus of the lab. Please contact Melinda Aldrich if you are interested.


Vanderbilt Epidemiology PhD Program

We are training critical thinkers who are prepared to make fundamental advances using rigorous and cutting-edge approaches to research.

Are you looking for a doctoral program that:

  • Matches you with successful researchers who involve you as a co-investigator
  • Integrates training and research across clinical, laboratory, and quantitative disciplines
  • Emphasizes use of actual data from your research team in your course work.
  • Focuses on strong theoretical grounding and advanced quantitative methods
  • Offers a beautiful campus in a major U.S. health care hub?

This could be the right program for you and your career.  Please contact Melinda Aldrich or Eric Grogan if you are interested in doing research with our team.


Vanderbilt Graduate Program in Biostatistics

The PhD program provides a comprehensive theoretical foundation, specialized training in methodology and computation, and the cultivation of research skills. Students are involved in mentored biomedical research early in their graduate career.  Please contact Melinda Aldrich or  Eric Grogan if you are interested in doing research with our team.


Department of Biomedical Informatics Training Program

The Vanderbilt DBMI Training Program is uniquely positioned to prepare future leaders in the field with a comprehensive understanding gained through a strong foundation in the principles and theory of biomedical informatics, and participation in mentored scientific research and large-scale informatics development and implementation projects.  The Training Program offers research-oriented MS and PhD degrees, as well as non-degree postdoctoral training and short-term internships.  Please contact Melinda Aldrich if you are interested in doing research with our team.



Postdoctoral Students

Integrative biomedical research projects in the Aldrich Genetic Epidemiology Lab include the genetic epidemiology and cancer epidemiology of lung cancer in underrepresented populations, population genetics, and health disparities. The Aldrich Lab welcomes individuals of diverse backgrounds and cultures, particularly from members underrepresented in STEMM including persons of color, women, and LGBTQ individuals. Please contact Melinda Aldrich if you are interested in doing research with our team.


Postdoctoral positions are available through the Section of Surgical Sciences T32 training grant (Goldenring PI), the PRoGRESS T32 program or the  VA Quality Scholars Fellowship Program (Dittus PI).  Please contact Eric Grogan if you are interested.



Medical Students

Office of Medical Student Research

We realize the diverse research interests of medical students and seek to provide opportunities for students to learn about and participate in various types of biomedical research. Within the Immersion Phase (3rd and 4th years) of the medical school curriculum, students will have the opportunity to conduct full-time mentored research in one of five research areas. During this time, students will have the opportunity to not only work on a mentored research project, but to also regularly interact with an expert in the research area, as well as other students participating in their research area. This collaborative is intended to foster a unique environment for team-based study analysis, journal club, and scientific communication. The five research areas are as follows:

  • Cellular and Molecular Medical Research
  • Clinical and Translational Research
  • Community and Global Health Research
  • Epidemiology and Informatics Research
  • Ethics, Education, Policy, and Society Research [E2PS]

Please contact Melinda Aldrich, a mentor in Epidemiology and Informatics Research, if you are interested in doing research with our team.



Undergraduate Students

The TREAT teams offers undergraduate students opportunities to collaborate on research projects. To date, students from Vanderbilt University and Lipscomb University have participated in summer and school term research endeavors. For more information, please contact Melinda Aldrich, Eric Grogan or Stephen Deppen.