Current and former TREAT program trainees

Current Trainees

Name Training Period Program Research Project Focus Current Position
Valerie Welty 2016-present Biostatistics Measuring evidence; Statistical methods for inference (with a focus on large scale inference); Clinical prediction; Empirical Bayes approaches; Machine learning from a statistical perspective PhD student
Megan Hollister 2018-present Biostatistics Machine Learning Methods; Large scale statistical inference; False Discovery Rates: their interpretations and modifications PhD student
Cato Milder 2019-present Epidemiology Long-term health effects following exposure to ionizing radiation; Exposure and confounder identification in retrospective analyses; Cancer predictive modeling PhD student
Hannah Marmor 2020-present T32 Research Fellowship Lung cancer screening T32 Research Fellowship/General Surgery Resident
Rebecca Irlmeier 2020-present Biostatistics Survival analysis; Genomics PhD student
Caroline Godfrey 2021-present T32 Research Fellowship Lung cancer screening; Lung nodule classification; Surgical outcomes T32 Research Fellowship/General Surgery Resident



Former Trainees

Name Training Period Program Research Project Focus Current Position
Victoria Martucci 2016-2021 Human Genetics COPD and genetic epidemiology Medical School Student, Vanderbilt
Diane Haddad 2018-2020 T32 Research Fellowship Health Disparities General Surgery Resident, VUMC
Maren Shipe 2018-2020 T32 Research Fellowship Prediction modeling; Biomarker analysis General Surgery Resident, VUMC
Amelia Maiga 2015-2018 General Surgery Residency/VA Quality Scholars Program Validation of the TREAT model General Surgery Resident, VUMC
Christina Saunders 2015-2018 Biostatistics Mediation analysis Research Fellow, Vanderbilt University
Sarah Mercaldo 2013-2017 Biostatistics Dealing with missing data Instructor of Radiology/Statistics, Harvard Medical School
Carissa Jones 2014-2017 Human Genetics Genetic ancestry and lung cancer genetics Program Specialist for Personalized Medicine, Sarah Cannon Cancer Center
Timothy O'Brien 2015-2017 Human Genetics Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics Post-doctoral Fellow, School of Biomedical Informatics, University of Texas Health Science Center
Brittany Hollister 2015-2017 Human Genetics SES in EMR and GxE Interactions Health Disparities Fellow, NHGRI
Ashley Morgan 2012-2015 Medical School  Quality of care in the SCCS and Variation in FDG-PET accuracy to diagnose lung cancer of pulmonary nodules: A meta-analysis Pediatric Resident, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
 Tyler Davis 2012-2015  Medical School  Cost-Effectiveness of Initial Diagnostic Strategies for Solitary Pulmonary Nodules Emergency Medicine Resident, San Antonio
Patrick Kelly 2012-2014 Medical School  Predictors of prolonged length of stay following single- or multiple-lobectomy in lung cancer Neurosurgery Resident, VUMC
Stephen Deppen 2009-2014 Epidemiology Regional variation of FDG-PET accuracy for diagnosis of lung cancer: Implications for a predictive model Assistant Professor Research, Vanderbilt
Jamii St. Julien 2010-2012 General Surgery Residency Obesity and operative times;  Factors influencing resident career choices – a focus on minority underrepresentation in academic surgery; Radiolabeled DOTATATE-guided resections of lung cancer; Simulation in cardiac surgery training Surgical Oncology Fellow, M.D. Anderson, TX
Carol Callaway-Lane 2009-2011 School of Nursing Timeliness and Accuracy of Diagnosis for Veterans Presenting with Signs of Lung Cancer VUMC Nursing Faculty
Francys Verdail 2009-2011 Medical School Radiolabled DOTATANE guided resections of lung cancer Resident Physician Department of Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Gabriella Andrade 2009-2011 Medical School ACOSOG pulmonary nodule imaging project 3rd Year Pediatric Resident at Boston Children’s Hospital
James Isbell 2008-2010 General Surgery Residency Prediction model for pulmonary nodules Thoracic Surgical Oncologist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Jodi Weinstein 2009 Medical School Are futile thoracotomies futile? Medical Student (IV)
Aaron Dawes 2008-2009 Medical School Pulmonary Nodule Cohort General Surgery Resident, UCLA, RWJ Research Fellow