StrategyShare 2020

StrategyShare 2020 was held online in three, live 90-minute sessions September 29 - October 1.

StrategyShare2020 was held scheduled for June. In light of major 2020 events, the event was delayed and the agenda expanded to include topics related to COVID-19 and issues of social injustice. StrategyShare 2020 was presented through a series of three, live 90-minute virtual sessions with content building from one session to the next, including content related related to the Medical Center's Strategic Directions

The virtual format of StrategyShare2020 enabled us to engage our largest, most diverse audience ever. The event was open to all members of the Vanderbilt community. Content for each session is below.

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Session 1: Leveraging Our Foundations for Success
Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 7:30 to 9 a.m.

  • Welcome: Leveraging our Foundations for Success
    • Dave Calkins and Erin Tickle, StrategyShare2020 Program Co-chairs [ Video ]
    • Jeff Balser, President and CEO, VUMC [ Video | Slides ]
  • Artificial Intelligence: Now more than Ever
    • “Action-informed Artificial Intelligence to Prevent Suicide” (Strategy Talk), Colin Walsh [ Video | Slides ]
    • “AI in Liver Disease” (PowerPitch), Jeff Carr [ Video | Slides ]
    • “Building an Ecosystem for AI-driven Discovery” (PowerPitch), Bennett Landman and Tim Hohman [ Video | Slides ]
    • Question & Answer, Moderator: Angela Jefferson [ Video ]
  • VEVA Innovation
    • PowerPitch by Yaa Kumah-Crystal [ Video | Slides ]
  • Personalizing Transgender Health
    • “The Real Me” (Mission Moment Video), Olivia Hill [ Video ]
    • Panel Discussion [ Video ]: Stephanie Allen, Olivia Hill, Michelle Roach and Mary Romano
      Moderator: Lindsay Miller
  • MyHealth Bundles: Are Transformation Initiative 
    • Strategy Talk by Brittany Cunningham [ Video | Slides ]
    Integrating Revenue Cycle into Personalized Care
    • Strategy Talk by Damien Corlew [ Video | Slides ]
  • Care for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 
    • PowerPitch by Beth Malow and Althea Shelton [ Video | Slides ]
  • Session One Close
    • Dave Calkins and Erin Tickle, StrategyShare2020 Program Co-chairs [ Video ]

Session 2: Pivoting to confront COVID-19 and Racism
Wednesday, September 30, 2020, Noon to 1:30 p.m.

  • Session 2 Welcome: Pivoting to Confront COVID-19 and Racism
    • Welcome: Dave Calkins and Erin Tickle, StrategyShare2020 Program Co-chairs [ Video ]
    • Pivoting to Confront COVID-19 and Racism: Wright Pinson, CEO, Vanderbilt Health System [ Video | Slides ]
  • COVID-19: Leveraging Strengths for an Agile Pivot
    • Buddy Creech, Amber Humphrey, Todd Rice and Allison Wheeler (Video Segment)  [ Video ]
  • In the Trenches: Frontline stories from COVID-19
    • “From Taking Keys to Taking Temps,” Jason Bucher [ Video | Slides ]
    • “The COVID-19 Diagnostic Story at VUMC,” Jonathan Schmitz [ Video | Slides ]
    • “Tornado to Pandemic: Rebuilding Our Supply Chain,” Karen Morlan and Yolanda Redmond [ Video | Slides ]
    • “Bringing Patients Back to Surgery,” Andrea Hart and Jamie Pulley [ Video | Slides ]
  • One With Our Community: Leading Through COVID-19 [ Video ]
  • Confronting Racism and Social Injustice
    • Consuelo Wilkins [ Video ]
  • Revealing Cracks in the System: COVID-19
    • Strategy Talk by James Hildreth [ Video | Slides ]
  • Breaking Down Language Barriers
    • “Language Differences in Clinical Care,” Video Segment [ Video ]
    • “Barriers to Care for Multilingual Communities,” Strategy Talk by Jillian Williams  [ Video | Slides ]
    • Question & Answer, Moderator: Lourdes Estrada [ Video ]
  • Employee Resource Groups: A Place for Everyone
    • Panel Discussion [ Video ]: Claudia Barajas, Pepper Heifner, Joey Qualls and Kristy Sinkfield 
    • Moderator: Del Ray Zimmerman
  • Day 2 Close
    • Dave Calkins and Erin Tickle, StrategyShare2020 Program Co-chairs [ Video ]

Session 3: Creating a Better World Together
Thursday, October 1, 2020, 4 to 5:30 p.m.

  • Day 3 Welcome: Creating a Better World Together
    • Welcome: Dave Calkins and Erin Tickle, StrategyShare2020 Program Co-chairs [ Video ]
    • Meg Chren, Chair, Department of Dermatology [ Video | Slides ]
  • Striving for Racial Equity
    • Panel Discussion Video ]: Peety Kaur, Kim Vinson and Mamie Williams
      Moderator: Erin Tickle
  • Every Word Counts
    • Video Segment, Nadia Crank, Cam Henry and Shawn Reilly  [ Video ]
    • “Understanding and Addressing Microaggressions,” Leah Chisholm and Michelle York  [ Video | Slides ]
    • Question & Answer, Moderator: Janice Law  [ Video ]
  • The Caring Spirit
    • Power Pitch by Andy Wooldridge  [ Video | Slides ]
  • Reflecting the Community We Serve Through a Diverse Nursing Pipeline
    • Power Pitch by Michele Hasselblad  [ Video | Slides ]
  • Extending Care Beyond Our Walls  [ Video | Slides ]
    • “Hospital to Home: Extending Care Beyond Our Walls,” Kerry Gillihan and Tara Horr
    • Question & Answer, Moderator: Peter Shave
  • Historical Trauma and Creative Arts Therapy
    • Strategy Talk by Brittnee Page  [ Video | Slides ]
  • Rethinking Intellectual Neighborhoods
    • Panel Discussion [ Video ]: Dave Aronoff and Angela Jefferson
      Moderator: Dave Calkins 
  • Day 3 Close
    • Dave Calkins and Erin Tickle, StrategyShare2020 Program Co-chairs  [ Video | Slides ]

About the StrategyShare 2020 co-chairs and committees

StrategyShare2020 co-chairs David Calkins, PhD, and Erin Tickle, MMHC, BSN, RN, are leading four committees - one for each Strategic Direction - whose co-chairs were responsible for building programming for the event.

Our committee co-chairs for each Strategic Direction were:

Design for Patients and Families

  • Lindsay Miller, RN, MSN Chair Shared Governance Committee, Administrative Director for Ambulatory Surgery Clinics
  • Andy Wooldridge, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Palliative Care

Make Diversity and Inclusion Intentional

  • Kim Vinson, MD, Associate Dean of Diversity Affairs and Associate Professor of Otolaryngology
  • Del Ray Zimmerman, Director, Program for LGBTQ Health and Office for Diversity Affairs

Discover, Learn and Share

  • Angela Jefferson, PhD, Director of the Vanderbilt Memory and Alzheimer's Center and Professor of Neurology
  • Janice Law, MD, Director of Medical Student Education, Vanderbilt Eye Institute

Amplify Innovation

  • Lourdes Estrada, PhD, Associate Director, Medical Scientist Training Program and Associate Professor of Biochemistry
  • Peter Shave, Executive Director, HealthIT

The Leader Toolkit

We provided these materials for leaders across our medical center to promote this gathering.