StrategyShare 18

StrategyShare is an annual event designed to showcase exciting work being done across Vanderbilt Health along with personal stories of what it means to be part of the VUMC community.

Full Video of StrategyShare 18 (June 26, 2018)

StrategyShare 18 Agenda

Welcome and Bridge

  • Jeff Balser and Jay Wellons (Slides)


Session 1: Measures
Full Session 1 Video

  • Wonder Drake, Emcee

  • Consuelo Wilkins, Defining the Future (Video) (Slides)

  • Melissa McPheeters, Community Health (Video) (Slides)

  • John Graves, Change is P3 (Video) (Slides)

  • Robert Carnahan, Connections (Video) (Slides)

  • Stephen Huff, Lung Cancer Awareness (Video) (Slides)

  • Session 1 Panel Discussion (Video)

Session 1.jpg

Session 2: People
Full Session 2 Video

  • Shari Barkin, Emcee

  • Matt McEvoy, Nurturing Our Best (Video) (Slides)

  • Borden Lacy, Discovery Scholars (Video) (Slides)

  • Eleby Washington, IV, The Diversity Catalyst (Video) (Slides)

  • Chris S. Williams, The Personal Reboot (Video) (Slides)

  • Abdul Majid Aziz, Reaching the Unreachable (Video) (Slides)

  • Session 2 Panel Discussion (Video)

Session 2.jpg

Session 3: Discovery & Engineering
Full Session 3 Video

  • Matthew Walker, III, Emcee

  • Nancy Brown, Making the Sum of VUMC: The Parts (Video) (Slides)

  • Colin Walsh, AI Pitch (Video) (Slides)

  • Jeff Neul, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center (Video) (Slides)

  • Qingxia “Cindy” Chen, Data Science (Video) (Slides)

  • Dane Chetkovich, Cognitive Health (Video) (Slides)

  • Session 3 Panel Discussion (Video)

Session 3.jpg

Closing Discussion


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