Requesting Reservations for Small Work Sessions

Need a place to free your minds? Spend your next team work session in our collaboration space!

During February and March 2023, Strategy and Innovation is soft launching new, easier reservations for groups of 8 people or less lasting 4 hours or less.

To check availability and book a reservation, visit VUMC’s EMS Accruent Platform
Days and times are limited. Booking system only shows availability for small work sessions.
To reserve for more than 8 people or longer than 4 hours, please follow the instructions for Large Work Sessions.

Example of our small worksession breakouts

Other information to know:

  • LOCATION: We are located at 3401 West End Ave, Suite 290.
  • ENTERING THE BUILDING: You enter the building from the parking garage on Acklen Ave. (The front entrance on West End is not accessible to visitors.)
  • PARKING: We will provide you a validation card to use when you leave. Scan your parking first, then the validation card.
  • PARTICIPANT LIMIT: You are limited to 8 people.
  • BREAKOUT (ROOM) LOCATION MAY CHANGE: This reservation guarantees you a breakout in our collaboration space. We may change the breakout assigned to you based on the schedule for the day. All spaces are equipped in the same fashion (see the picture above).
  • SCREENS: We do not provide screens in each breakout. We encourage you to bring and use your laptops. We have a limited number of screens available on request. If you wish to have one, please email
  • FOOD AND DRINK: You are welcome to bring any food and drinks to consume while you work. We will have water, coffee, and tea available for you. 

If you have questions, Adriana Gaitan, Program Manager for Workspace Services, will be happy to assist you. Please email or call 615-322-3118.



Instructions on how to use our booking system for small work sessions.

Viewing availability

  1. Visit
  2. Click Locations
  3. Scroll to find Strategy and Innovation, or Click Add/Remove Locations at the top to filter the list.

Here is a video demo of how to view availability for small work sessions.

Note: The availability shown here is only for small work sessions. For other kinds of space reservations, please follow the instructions for Large Work Sessions to check availability and make a request.


Making a reservation

  1. Visit
  2. Click Login
  3. Click Locations and find your time and follow the instructions to create a reservation.


Here is a video demo of how to make a reservation.