Strategy and Innovation Services

Our goal in Strategy and Innovation is to help VUMC teams make intentional strategic decisions, overcome difficult situations, and tackle ambitious ventures. For 20 years, we have helped teams produce results when: 

  • the topic is complex and difficult to solve; 
  • analysis, evaluation, measurement, and/or control are insufficient to reach the goal; and 
  • the work benefits from an accelerated process with professional facilitation. 

Our Services

We currently provide workshop services and collaboration space reservations. All are free of charge. (Limited to VUMC business, some restrictions and exceptions apply)

Workshop Services

Our workshops are a process and experience that last as short as 2 hours up to 2 days, with as few as 2 people up to 48+ people, in-person or virtual. Sometimes we can perform the same activities in a project lasting several weeks. 

Workshop activities

Our service enhances your results because you will: 

  • Use methods designed for ambiguous and complex situations. 
  • Use a process designed to amplify and accelerate your performance. 
  • Focus on your work while we handle the logistics and documentation. 
  • Engage in a fun experience. 

To learn more, read our Workshop Services Guide.

To make a request, email Steven Weissenburger, Director.




Collaboration Space

Amplify your own work in our collaboration space! Our 7,000 sq. ft. Collaboration Space provides the right environment to accelerate and amplify your collaboration. Perfect for grappling with ideas and developing solutions. Have an 'off-site, off-campus' experience in VUMC's own space at no charge!

Groups using our space receive parking validation, access to supplies (e.g., markers, post-its, etc.), water, and coffee.

Click here for additional information and how to reserve.

If you have questions, please email or call 615-322-3118.

Limitations: The Collaboration Space is limited to activities about VUMC business that benefit from the furniture and tools of the space. 

Workspace photos


Our Location

We are located at 3401 West End Ave, Suite 290.

  • You enter the building from the parking garage on Acklen Ave. (click here for map)
  • The front entrance on West End is not accessible to visitors.
  • Guests from campus and nearby buildings can use the Crystal Terrace and 3401 West End shuttle. Shuttle times from Medical Center North are:
    Depart MCN For Arrive at
    :15 3401 West End :33
    :25 Crystal Terrace :43
    :45 3401 West End :03
    :55 Crystal Terrace :13
  • We will validate parking for anyone who uses the garage.

How to contact us


Phone: 615-322-3118

Our Team

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