Medical Center Strategic Directions

Compass graphicIn 2016, people from across the Medical Center collaborated to develop a new strategy framework to sharpen our strategic focus and unify our work across patient care, research, and education.  We focused on a strategy framework instead of a strategic plan to promote agility, a multi-directional approach, and experimenting toward success.

The Medical Center (collectively Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Vanderbilt School of Medicine, and Vanderbilt School of Nursing) uses the compass as a metaphor for the strategy framework.  The compass is one of our oldest devices to help us find our way. Even when conditions change, a compass lets us orient ourselves. It helps guide us home or to new destinations.

The strategy framework lets us chart paths toward our aspirations as a Medical Center:

The world leader in advancing personalized health

Personalizing the patient experience through our caring spirit and distinctive capabilities

Strategy Framework Graphic: Series of interlocking circlesThe Medical Center Community comes together annually to update the strategy framework.  Our team reflects on where we have been and prior year progress. We consider our unique strengths, both historical and emerging. We take into account all the changes – and opportunities – facing us at the moment.

Our strategy framework capitalizes on “distinctive capabilities” - capabilities we have because we are an academic medical center comprised of a team of over 25,000 people, bidirectionally engaged with the community, and leveraging Vanderbilt’s assets. The capabilities we will leverage and grow are:

  • A collaborative culture
  • Leadership in clinical care
  • Basic and translational research
  • Learning as a core competency
  • Personalized medicine
  • Population health

Strategic Directions LogoOur strategy framework identifies three “strategic directions” or themes. It allows us to adapt as we learn or as things change. It allows us to measure – and speed – our progress. The three strategic directions are:

  • Design for Patients and Families
  • Make Diversity and Inclusion Intentional
  • Discover, Learn and Share

For each strategic direction, the framework includes a brief description of the intent and importance, “capabilities we are enhancing” and “capabilities we are developing.” The capabilities we are enhancing highlight opportunities to build out aspects of the Medical Center’s distinctive capabilities. The capabilities we are developing call out areas where building has been required from the ground up.