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Our collaborative learning environment ensures we will remain nimble and distinctive as a national leader in biomedical discovery, healthcare and training.  As we integrate expertise and data, we will expand and create new research capabilities to make discoveries of value and translate them quickly to patients and our community.

Statement of Importance:

Vanderbilt is leading the charge in ushering in a new era of health and prevention, detection and treatment of disease.  Progress that could not have been imagined a decade ago is now being realized with our research and reality for our patients and individuals in the community. We are transforming interventions away from a model in which we see people for the first time when they begin experiencing symptoms to one that detects, manages and perhaps eradicates disease before individuals even know they have them.  The work is being driven by our pioneering discoveries in basic, translational, clinical and population research as well as learning systems. VUMC is engaging in new ways with our patients and community, through new prevention and treatment modalities in the form of interventional trials, as well as with new models of engagement, health care implementation and outcomes assessment—both here and through our affiliate hospitals and community in the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network.

  • Dynamic process to develop, share and recognize the contributions of individuals and teams to discovery and learning
    • Institutional recognition of high impact and high citation publications 
    • “Celebrate” presentations at SOM Executive Faculty meetings
    • Creation of the Office of Research social media presence via twitter @VUMCResearch
    • Launching annual StrategyShare events    
  • Trans-institutional framework for infection, immunology, and inflammation research 
  • Systems that enable co-registration and bioinformatics mining of all forms of data across the research and clinical enterprise
  • Plan for computational science, information technology and data storage as required to meet the demands and advance basic, clinical and population research
  • Pragmatic trials using broad scope clinical operations as a platform
  • Systems to access and leverage clinical specimens at scale with appropriate database capabilities; specimens representative of a diverse population
  • Workplace-based systems for Continuing Professional Development
    • Development of Medical Innovators Development Program (MIDP) (more
    • Launch of Discovery Scholars Program
  • Systems to support learning-working teams
    • Development and launch of QuizTime, an innovative learning tool that provides  an asynchronous learning paradigm for Educators and Learners
  • Population health and discovery platform across the Vanderbilt Health Affiliate Network (VHAN) enabling research, community engagement and collaborative partnerships 
  • Health forecasting system; knowledge engine