Strategy and Innovation Collaboration SpaceThe Strategy and Innovation Collaboration Space supports events that engage participants in a collaborative and creative process.

For facilitated events, a team of consultants and front-of-the-room facilitators are brought in to assist clients design solutions that achieve their strategic goals.

Use of the Strategy and Innovation Collaboration Space is limited to VUMC-specific efforts. Events require approval on a case-by-case basis. The Collaboration Space is not appropriate for traditional meetings, but events outside the traditional scope of the Collaboration Space may be approved based on availability.

The Collaboration Space is located at 3401 West End Ave, Suite 290.
All guests enter through the parking garage behind the building on Acklen Ave. The entrance is on the 3rd floor and our suite is on the 2nd floor away from downtown.


Please use the shuttle.

Helpful tips for utilizing the shuttle:

  • One shuttle runs to 3401 West End every 30 minutes.
  • A separate shuttle runs to Crystal Terrace every 30 minutes, which you can ride and then walk down to 3401 West End: away from the downtown on West End, up towards Love Circle to the parking garage behind the building.
  • Please be mindful of those who rely on the route for their daily work & school activities: come earlier, and be willing to leave later, and – when possible – offer your seat to someone needing it to arrive on time.
  • Detailed schedules are available here:
  • Both shuttles depart Medical Center North at the Round Wing at these times:

Depart MCN




3401 West End



Crystal Terrace



3401 West End



Crystal Terrace




We will validate your parking in the garage behind the building on Acklen Drive. 

Visitor parking: Visitor parking validation is not available to all VUMC & VU faculty, staff, and students while VUMC shuttle services are active. Parking is limited and on a first come, first serve basis in the building. The parking garage located in the back of the building is open from 6:00 a.m. 8:00 p.m. Visitors may park on Level B, 3rd floor. Bring your parking ticket in to be validated.

Walk & Cab: Use the visitors entrance from the parking garage in the back of the building. You will enter on Level B, 3rd floor. The front entrance is not accessible to visitors.

Biking: Lock your bike on the rack in the parking garage and use the visitors entrance. You will enter on Level B, 3rd floor. The building management does not allow bikes in the building.

Herschel Pollard, MSIS
Strategy and Innovation Consultant

Krista Chavarria
Executive Assistant
Scheduling for Nancy Lorenzi and Kristy Sinkfield

Kristy Sinkfield, MEd

Nancy Lorenzi, PhD
Vice President for
Strategic Change Management

Steven J. Weissenburger, MEd
Senior Strategy and Innovation Consultant

Taylor Avery
Program Manager
Point of contact for the Collaboration Space