SOCKs Gives Back

The SOCKs team is not just focused on research. We're also out in the community volunteering and giving back!

HEALING HANDS: SOCKs Trainees Providing Free Health Screenings to Nashville's Homeless Population

Jonathan Dallas and Jaims Lim have a passion for serving Nashville’s most vulnerable population. The two Vanderbilt medical students and SOCKs research trainees work in their spare time with Project Heal, a service-oriented Vanderbilt undergraduate group. In an effort to expand Project Heal’s service footprint, Dallas and Lim have helped organize and lead a group of students that have been providing free, basic health screenings to members of Nashville’s homeless population.  

FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT: SOCKs Trainee Leads Project to Provide Low-Income Patients with Fresh Produce

Catie Havemann is a SOCKs research trainee and Vanderbilt medical student. But more than that, she's passionate about helping underprivileged populations. During the spring 2018 semester, Havemann co-facilitated a partnership that had Vanderbilt students making weekly deliveries of produce to patients who needed help and had limited access to healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables. The partnership connected the Shade Tree Clinic, a free health clinic run by Vanderbilt students, with the Nashville Food Project, a nonprofit that works to alleviate hunger.

CLEANING CREW: SOCKs Researchers Transform Apartment of Nashville CARES Client

The giving spirit is alive and well at SOCKs, where there is much more going on than just medical research. During the work day, SOCKs Data Specialist Brad Guidry breaks down and organizes information and statistics into a format that is easily understandable. Out in the community, he’s doing something similar, but with a personal touch.