Welcome to the Serezani Lab at Vanderbilt!

The Serezani lab aims to develop therapeutic strategies to control systemic (sepsis) and localized infections (skin and lung) in healthy individuals, individuals with immune deficiencies, and those suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases, such as diabetes. We have concentrated much of our efforts in understanding the role of the lipid mediators leukotriene B4 and prostaglandin E2 and their actions on microRNAs, epigenetic changes and phosphatases to modulate immune cells involved in the control of microbial infection in these different contexts. Our lab employ state of the art techniques to understand in vitro and in vivo cellular and microbial dynamics, such as intravital microscopy and IVIS imaging, along with different fluorescent and cell-specific deficient mice to track cell and organ-specific events.


Diabetes, sepsis, innate immunity, macrophage, host defense, microRNAs, neutrophils, lung injury, skin infection