Vanderbilt University Chemical Safety Committee


The Vanderbilt University Chemical Safety Committee (CSC) is charged to serve in an advisory capacity to the university to develop recommendations from a technical content, compliance, and peer governance standpoint for the purpose of creating a comprehensive chemical safety program for Vanderbilt University. Recommendations from the Chemical Safety Committee are forwarded to the Vanderbilt University Environmental Health and Safety Governance Committee for acceptance.

The committee:

  • Considers policies for research and teaching labs pertaining to the safe handling, transport and use of chemicals and recommends the adoption of new or revised policies at VU.
  • Reviews and approves procedures and practice guides relating to the management of a chemical safety program.
  • Reviews proposed or enacted legislation concerning chemical safety that may affect the Vanderbilt University community and informing Departments, Schools and Colleges of potential implications and business impact.
  • Reviews research protocols and special projects involving particularly hazardous substances (PHS) as needed.
  • Assists VU Departments, Schools and Colleges with their internal chemical safety committees and/or programs, in conjunction with the Office of Clinical & Research Safety (OCRS).
  • Establishes a system for auditing laboratories for EHS issues, reviewing audit findings, and ensuring that appropriate follow-up is conducted.
  • Develops and maintains the VU Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP).
  • Reviews at least annually a summary of the training status of all personnel working with chemical materials in teaching and research laboratories.
  • Reviews at least annually all incidents involving chemical materials with respect to cause and subsequent actions taken.


Committee meetings are currently scheduled as needed. The committee charter requires that the Chemical Safety Committee meet at least twice annually, unless circumstances arise that require increased meeting frequency.


Committee Members
Bridget Rogers
(Committee Chair)
Associate Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering,
Director of Undergraduate Studies of Interdisciplinary Program in Materials Science
F. Peter Guengerich Tadashi Inagami, Ph.D. Chair in Biochemistry, Professor of Biochemistry
Yi Ren Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Gary Sulikowski Professor, Earth and Environmental sciences
Guil Gualda Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Jennifer Ufnar Research Assistant Professor, Teaching and Learning
Andrea George Director, Sustainability & Environmental Management Office
Kevin Warren Senior Director, Office of Clinical & Research Safety
Doug Horr Associate Vice Chancellor for Audit, Risk and Advisory Services
Dmitry Koktysh Research Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Liane Moneta-Koehler Director of Research, Development and Support in the Office of the Vice Provost for Research
Anthony Tharp Assistant Dean, Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management, Office of the Dean, School of Medicine–Basic Sciences
Larry Cox Building Manager, Engineering and Science Building for VPR/VUSE
Aaron Covey Facility Analyst, Office of the Dean, College of Arts and Science
Administrative and Ex Officio Membership
Jane Hirtle Senior Research Projects Manager, Office of the Vice Provost for Research
Padma Raghavan Vice Provost for Research, Professor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering
Mark Bogard Assistant Director, Chemical/Lab Safety & Chemical Waste, Office of Clinical & Research Safety
Donna DePasquale VUMC Office of Research
Stephen Hopkins Safety Officer - VU Laboratory Compliance Program, Office of Clinical & Research Safety