Vanderbilt University's Environmental Health & Safety Commitment Statement

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Vanderbilt University will support and maintain a strong commitment to safety, health and environmental protection through:


Assuring compliance with federal, state and local safety, health and environmental requirements;


Minimizing hazards, reducing pollution and continuously improving our practices regarding safety, health and environmental protection;


Empowering our faculty, staff, and students to demonstrate individual and institutional leadership in all matters pertaining to safety, health and environmental protection while preserving academic freedom in research and education and evidence-based practices in patient care;


Protecting and maintaining safe and secure facilities for teaching, patient care, research, living and work;


Emphasizing open communication with our community regarding safety, health and environmental issues;


Instilling the values of environmental stewardship and conservation of resources in our future leaders.

Approved by the Environmental Health & Safety Oversight Committee on February 16, 2005