Michael Freeman, Ph.D.

Michael Freeman, Ph.D.

Professor of Radiation Oncology

MCN CCC-1121 Nashville TN 37232-2675

Research Description

Radiation Oncology leverages cutting edge advancements in physics and engineering for the treatment of cancer. Co-registration of diagnostic data sets into a coherent 3D-treatment plan allows individualized precision tumor targeting. Radiation oncology has the potential to provide outstanding personalized cancer treatment. However, cancer cell radioresistance and normal tissue injury represent two important limitations that reduce the ability of ionizing radiation to provide local/regional control of tumor growth. To addresses these limitations our laboratory initiated a cancer drug discovery program that seeks to develop efficacious radiation sensitizers. Two-indol-3-yl-methylenequinuclidin-3-ols and 5-((N-benzyl-1H-indol-3-yl)-methylene)pyrimidine-2,4,6(1H,3H,5H) trione have been synthesized and are currently being evaluated using defined DNA substrates, cell-based and murine mouse models. Elucidating the underlying mechanisms that drive the pathophysiology of normal tissue injury produced by ionizing radiation is also a focus of this laboratory. A comprehensive approach is used that encompasses well defined biochemical assays, cell-based assays such as transcriptome profiling, and GEMMs.

Clinical Interest

Dr Freeman served as Interim Chair of Radiation Oncology

Selected Publications