David M. Aronoff, M.D.

Director, Division of Infectious Diseases
Professor of Medicine
Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Professor of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology
Addison B. Scoville Jr. Chair in Medicine

A2200 MCN
1161 21st Ave South
(615) 322-8972

Mechanisms of bacterial immune evasion in the female reproductive tract

Research Description

The overarching goal of the Aronoff lab is to improve human health through discovery, with a primary interest on maternal-child wellness. The Aronoff lab primarily studies bacterial infections that complicate pregnancy. These infections include perinatal streptococcal infections and postpartum clostridial infections. Our major interest is revealing root molecular mechanisms whereby bacterial pathogens evade innate immunity within the female reproductive tract. In this context we have a special interest in the role that host-derived lipid mediators (eicosanoids) play in modulating immune responses to microbial invaders. Our work with toxigenic clostridia has extended to non-reproductive tract infections, such as colitis caused by Clostridium diffficile. Members of our lab engage in a range of research approaches, from purely bench science to translational science to purely clinical research. We value interdisciplinary team science.

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