Sam Dooyema

Graduate Student
Microbe-Host Interactions Graduate Program
Peek Lab
1030C Medical Research Building IV
2215 Garland Avenue

I am the physical incarnation of the famous line in Lee Greenwood's karaoke classic God Bless the USA, "from the lakes of Minnesota, to the hills of Tennessee," moving south from my native windswept Great Plains upon joining the Vanderbilt IGP in 2016. Previously, I worked as a core technician at Sanford Research in Sioux Falls, South Dakota after graduating from the University of Sioux Falls in 2013 with a BS in Biology and minor in Chemistry.    

Outside of the lab I love cooking, fishing, hiking, camping, and am far too loyal sports fan who clearly enjoys heartbreak proudly supporting my Minnesota pro teams, Vandy, and my dear Division II alma mater USF.

Research Information

My research in the Peek lab focuses on the bacterial pathogen Helicobacter pylori and its ability to translocate DNA into host cells, eliciting an innate immune response.

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