Test Preparation

The “E” word: EXAMS

One of the reasons tests and exams can create so much stress is the fear of not knowing what is going to happen. With strategic and effective preparation, you can reduce some of that mystery – and some of its associated stress.

Test Preparation

  • Study as you go rather than waiting to cram at the last minute.
  • Set reasonable goals and give yourself encouragement along the way.
  • Test yourself as you go; the exam is not when you should be finding out what you know and what you don’t know.

Test Anxiety

  • Challenge your negative thinking. This test does not mean the end of the world.
  • Remember all those times you tested yourself as you were studying; you know this stuff.
  •  Learn some relaxation techniques.

Test Day

  • Get enough sleep! There are extraordinarily few times an all-nighter is worth it.
  • Listen carefully to anything your instructor has to say before you start.
  • Read the directions thoughtfully – note key words.
  • Scan the exam at the beginning and answer those questions that are easy first.
  • Partial credit helps. Write something down.
  • On essay questions, organize your thoughts first. Use a mini-outline.
  • On multiple choice questions, don’t go back and change your answer unless you could stand up in class and explain why your new answer is better.
  • Don't spend all of your time on one question. Watch the time.
  • Save enough time to check your answers at the end.