Students of Color Affinity Group Series

Affinity Group Web Flyer.png

Facilitators: Erica Brice, M.A. & Shelby Reyes, M.A.

This group is offered at three different times and locations across campus. Feel free to join any or all!

Topics, Locations, and Dates:

Seminar 1: Who do you think you are?: Constructing Self and Identity

  • January 15th: CSW
  • January 22nd: BCC Conference Room
  • January 29th: Sarratt Multicultural Student Lounge

Seminar 2: A work in progress: A cultural perspective on navigating academic success

  •  February 5th: CSW
  • February12th: BCC Conference Room
  • February 19th: Sarratt Multicultural Student Lounge

Seminar 3: Seat at the table: Prejudice, Racism, Politics & Society

  • March 12th: CSW
  • March 19th: BCC Conference Room
  • March 26th: Sarratt Multicultural Student Lounge

Seminar 4: I’m not okay: A cultural perspective on mental health

  • April 2nd: CSW
  • April 9th: BCC Conference Room
  • April 16th: Sarratt Multicultural Student Lounge