Social and Communication Concerns

If your student has a history of difficulties in social communication then it is important to help facilitate a transition that provides social support. We encourage you to work as a family with your home provider to develop a transition plan. This plan should include strengths and challenges as well as identified coping strategies to address the challenges. It is important to include communication with the Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Disability Office ( to ensure appropriate accommodations are identified. Your home provider should help you with determination of needs based on knowledge of academic and social needs prior to matriculation at Vanderbilt.

The PCC is available to provide consultation to your transition planning; it will be important for you to discuss with your student the need for a signed release of information form so that the PCC team can talk with your home provider. The PCC team can then provide consultation regarding available resources at the PCC, on the Vanderbilt campus, and in the Nashville community. If records are available we encourage you to provide them as part of the consultation process prior to the start of the school year. This will enable our team to work with you and your student and your home provider(s) to prepare for the transition to college or graduate school.