Mission & Diversity Statements

Mission Statement - Psychological and Counseling Center

The Vanderbilt Psychological and Counseling Center supports the mental health needs of Vanderbilt students, encouraging their work towards their academic and personal goals. Our highly skilled and multidisciplinary staff develops evidence-based treatment plans tailored to each individual’s unique background and needs by working together with students, our campus partners, and community providers. The PCC also emphasizes prevention through collaboration and consultation focused on the development of the skills and self-awareness needed to excel in a challenging educational environment.

Commitment to Diversity - Psychological and Counseling Center

We are committed to an ongoing dialogue about individual differences in order to work effectively with the diverse student body at Vanderbilt.  We offer culturally competent and empirically supported services in a safe and affirming space. Our therapeutic, assessment, outreach, and educational programs are delivered in a caring and compassionate manner that recognizes the unique characteristics and experiences of the individual student. As a diverse team, we support and challenge each other’s understanding of our own biases and experiences through dialogue, discussion, readings and speakers.

Message from the Diversity Committee

The staff members of the PCC recognize the importance of providing culturally sensitive care to all students at Vanderbilt as well as the critical need to actively grow in our knowledge and understanding of the many life experiences that comprise our campus community. Mental health is experienced and described in a variety of ways that may be impacted by race and ethnic background, gender, culture, language, family, life experiences, financial status, physical health, sexual orientation and gender identity, religion, and developmental stage in life. It is our responsibility as mental health care providers to respond to the many ways that mental health is perceived and experienced among our students, faculty, and staff.

The PCC Diversity Committee is composed of individuals dedicated to actively expanding our understanding of the role of diverse experiences and backgrounds in the lives of individuals and in our community. The Committee is charged with the mission of educating the PCC team toward the goal of increasing self-awareness regarding our own bias and privilege as well as systemic bias and privilege in order to provide appropriate and effective mental health services. We meet on a regular basis to support and deepen our commitment against prejudice of any form. To guide us in this, we review readings, collaborate with campus partners, and implement training within the PCC that enhances  our mission: To support and deepen our commitment against prejudice in any form, and to help all Vanderbilt students reach their academic and personal goals.

We welcome input and ideas from our students, our campus partners, and all faculty and staff.

PCC Diversity Committee

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