Mind Body Lab

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The Mind Body Lab (MBL) at the PCC is designed with the objective of enhancing mindfulness by providing tools to manage stress and increase personal resilience. 

The room provides self-guided training on mindful meditation and heart rate variability biofeedback, as well as a number of other beneficial mind body practices.

In addition to our digital resources (mindfulness and resilience tracks, guided breathing exercises, Apps, TED talks, etc.), MBL users can practice yoga, meditation, and receive psychoeducation in the soothing atmosphere of the room.

The MBL has a number of helpful online resources available here. Many other self-regulatory techniques need users to book the room. Importantly, the room allows for one user at the time. 


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MyCalmBeat (free): works by increasing your heart rate variability through slow breathing.

Stress Doctor by Azumio ($4.99, iPhone only): Reduce stress using 100% natural biofeedback technique based on heart rate detection with the iPhone's camera.

Stress Check by Azumio (free): measures stress level by measuring heart rate by placing finger on the camera lens.

BreathBiofeedback (free, Android): measures heart rate variability by tapping on the screen when you inhale and releasing the screen when you exhale.

Headspace: Training your mind with meditation in a very effective way

Reserve the Mind Body Lab Online

***Please note -  that if you wish to book a session for the Mind Body Lab for same day service, you must call the PCC 615-322-2571

VU students may book a 45  or 90 minute session in the PCC Mind Body Lab. Click here to reserve the room.