Individual Therapy

Statement of Services

Vanderbilt University is committed to supporting short-term and time-effective therapy focused on student mental health and wellbeing in a network of care that includes the Center for Student Wellbeing, the Psychological and Counseling Center, the Student Health Center, and community providers. If PCC services are appropriate, we determine the frequency and duration of counseling sessions based on an assessment of student need for services. Your provider will review your plan of care which may include additional PCC treatment, PCC group therapy options, referral to an external provider or treatment program, or collaboration with campus partners. 

At the PCC, we have psychologists, social workers, and professional counselors on staff that provide counseling services.

In individual counseling, a client meets one-on-one with a therapist to determine goals for their work together. The overall duration of therapy depends both upon how the student is functioning in the academic and social environment. Session length and frequency is variable and determined by treatment goals. We provide both short term therapy for acute concerns and ongoing supportive therapy for students with ongoing needs. The PCC staff members utilize evidenced-based treatments and evaluation of our services suggests we are able to effectively help clients deal with a variety of issues and improve their quality of life.

Of note, some students may be seeking long-term weekly psychotherapy; the PCC has a Community Liaison who can meet with you to facilitate identification of an individual therapist in the community who can provide that level of frequency.          

Clients come to the Center for a wide range of reasons, hoping to feel and function better. We offer individual therapy initially on a bi-weekly basis with the student and the therapist working together to identify goals for the therapy. As the student makes progress in making use of their therapy to gain a sense of mastery over problems arising in their daily life, they and their therapist may agree to meet less frequently and/or for shorter sessions.  

Common issues include: general anxiety and stress, relationship struggles, depression, homesickness, and eating and body image issues. The approach to treatment varies from person to person, while typically emphasizing emotional responses to current experiences. We hope to provide a supportive environment in which our clients are able to work toward their unique goals.

In most cases, we can schedule your initial appointment within two weeks of your request for services. If you feel that you are in crisis, the Psychological and Counseling Center has professional staff on call during our business hours available to can help you immediately. We also have PCC staff members on call nights and weekends for emergencies. Please visit our Crisis Care page for more information.