Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology

Vanderbilt University Counseling Center 

The Vanderbilt University Counseling Center (VUCC) is a large, well utilized multidisciplinary counseling center, with a staff of approximately 30 full and part-time mental health professionals. Our staff is active and consists of psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed professional counselors, licensed clinical social workers, and psychiatric nurse-practitioners. In addition to psychology interns, graduate level practicum students from a variety of mental health disciplines train at the center, as do psychiatry residents. Working in this multidisciplinary setting provides interns with opportunities to cultivate and sharpen clinical consultation skills with a variety of mental health professionals. The overall depth and breadth of training experiences offered make the VUCC an excellent fit for those seeking a career in a variety of outpatient settings.

The goals of the internship are to develop and refine comprehensive skills in the practice of professional psychology and to develop professional identity as a psychologist.

There is also a focus on developing peer supervision and case consultation skills. Professional identity emphases include demonstrating responsible professional behavior, knowledge and application of ethical and legal standards, and demonstrating a commitment to scholarly activity. Developing knowledge of and sensitivity to diversity is a core theme in all activities that interns participate in. We recognize that developing multicultural competence is a lifelong journey and we expect interns to participate fully through discussion and dialogue, both formal and informal, as well as through fulfilling required internship activities during their time at the Counseling Center.

All interns participate in structured training activities to ensure development of core competencies.

The required activities include:

    •       Direct clinical service (individual and group therapy)

    •       Conducting new client evaluations and generating written reports

    •      Psychological Assessment

    •       Receiving and providing individual clinical supervision

    •       Participating in supervision of supervision

    •       Attending weekly staff meetings

    •       Attending weekly case conference meetings

    •       Participating in on-call service


Positions available

We expect to have 3 positions available for the 2018-2019 training year.

National Matching Service (NMS) Number: 246211


Training Period:

Term: July 2nd , 2018 - June 30, 2019



Special emphasis is also placed on supervision. Interns are assigned to licensed psychologists with experience in direct client service, supervision, and training. Interns receive two hours of on-site, individual supervision per week and also participate in one hour of peer supervision with their intern cohort facilitated by a licensed mental health professional as well as supervision that is as part of their group therapy experience. Opportunities to provide ongoing supervision represent one of the distinguishing features of the VUCC. Interns at the VUCC are matched with a masters-level practicum student and serve as ancillary supervisors throughout the internship year. This experience provides interns with an opportunity to develop the foundational knowledge and skills associated with being a supervisor, which is facilitated through additional supervision (i.e., supervision of supervision) by a licensed psychologist in a group format.



We are committed to an ongoing dialogue about individual differences in order to work effectively with the entire student body at Vanderbilt. We offer culturally competent and empirically supported services in a safe and affirming space. Our therapeutic, assessment, and educational programs are delivered in a caring and compassionate manner that recognizes the unique characteristics and experiences of the individual student. We support and challenge each other’s understanding of our own biases and experiences through active reading and dialogue.

Given the diverse nature of the student population as well as of staff interests, interns must work using a multicultural perspective. Knowledge of and sensitivity to diversity issues are essential in all areas of practice and are attended to in individual supervision, supervision group, and training seminars. Interns should expect to work with a diverse caseload, including but not limited to students of different ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity.


Research Possibilities

As part of the required scholarly project, interns can participate in or create team research relevant to Center operations. The amount and focus of such research varies from year to year. The Center is becoming increasingly involved in research collaborations with academic departments within the University.


All interns attend regularly scheduled case conferences and didactic seminars that are organized as part of the internship experience. The didactics are conducted in collaboration with the VA TVHS internship, which has been conducted for many years as part of the previous VU-VA Consortium. These mandatory training activities occupy approximately one half day each week, currently on Friday mornings. In addition to the presentation of clinically or professionally relevant content, a major objective of these collaborative training activities is to provide a structure within which members of the intern class may interact and learn from one another. 


All interns are required to participate in a scholarly project. 


The stipend for the 2018-2019 internship year is $27,000.00

Health Insurance

Vanderbilt offers health insurance as a benefit of employment.

Vacation and Sick Time

All interns are allowed a minimum of two weeks (i.e. 10 working days) annual leave (vacation), two weeks of sick leave (i.e. 10 working days), and seven professional days (to be used for professional meetings and workshops, dissertation related activities, job interviews, etc.). Arrangements for leave should be negotiated in advance with the relevant training sites except in cases of emergency. Extended periods of absence due to serious illness, illness of a family member, etc., will need to be made up by extending the period of the internship in order to complete training requirements.

Additional Resources

All interns have access to Vanderbilt University library resources, as well as the library and computer resources available at the training site.

The VUCC will be participating in the APPIC 2018 match

Applicants may submit their applications through the AAPI Online applicant portal.

National Matching Service (NMS) Number: 246211

The VUCC training program adheres to the APPIC Match Policies, which can be found here.

The VUCC doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology is accredited by the American Psychological Association (Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation, 750 First Street, NE, Washington, D.C. 20002-4242; 202-336-5979). We have three internship positions available for the 2018-2019 internship year. The Counseling Center is a member of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) and the Association of the Counseling Center Training Agencies (ACCTA).

For more information please contact Dr. Frances Niarhos at or call the Center at 615-322-2571.

The  VUCC will be participate in the 2019 APPIC Match. Applicants may submit their applications using the AAPI Online applicant system. The VUCC training program National Matching Service (NMS) Number is: 246211