Crisis Care Counseling


Crisis Care Counseling hours during the summer are Monday – Friday 12:00 to 4:00 pm. During this time, you may come into the Psychological and Counseling Center (PCC) and be seen by the clinician on call, or you may call the PCC at (615) 322-2571 to speak with a PCC clinician.

If you are experiencing an urgent psychological crisis outside of our crisis hours, please visit the Vanderbilt Emergency Room or the nearest Emergency Room for acute assessment and support. For assistance in identifying crisis responses to a situation after business hours, please contact  the PCC at (615) 322-2571 and, through an answering service, you will be connected to the clinician who is on call at that time who can assist in safety planning.

Crisis Care Counseling Policies and Information

Crisis Care Counseling services at the PCC provide crisis therapeutic support for students in immediate crisis. You will be given a brief assessment to complete while waiting for the therapist. This information will help us to meet your immediate needs.

Crisis Care Counseling and Trauma Informed Care

The crisis care counseling team is trained in addressing experiences of trauma. They can offer aid in identifying immediate coping skills and developing a plan to address next steps. If you are unable to attend an ACT consultation due to scheduling conflicts, crisis care counselors are able to provide brief consultations. 


The PCC is a confidential setting. We do not share information about students or anything discussed in session, with the exception of safety concerns, which may override the confidentiality policy in some cases.  
All members of the Vanderbilt student community are welcome to be seen for Crisis Care Counseling services, even if your primary concern is about someone other than yourself. If you are the concerned friend, roommate, relative, parent, or other acquaintance of a Vanderbilt student and coming to Crisis Care Counseling to talk about those concerns, please note that the PCC protects the confidentiality of past and present clients, and thus will not discuss matters related to their care at the PCC without their written consent. However, concerns about any student’s safety will be addressed through appropriate channels and VU resources.

What to Expect

Crisis Care Counseling services are designed to provide crisis intervention for students with urgent needs. To protect the ability of PCC staff to attend to all students in need of immediate counseling, appointments are generally 20 minutes in length.

Crisis Care Counseling visits are different from standard individual therapy services and are designed to address your immediate needs today. The clinician will work with you to identify strategies and tools you can use to manage your immediate concerns and then will help to connect you to other services on and off campus that may be useful to you in the future, including other PCC services.

During especially busy times, you may be asked to wait to be seen while the clinician attends to other students in need. Be aware that there may be a significant wait time for Crisis Care Counseling during these periods. While you wait, the PCC may provide you with educational materials to read, or you may want to visit the PCC Mind Body Lab where you can access video modules which address a wide range of topics that may be helpful to you.

Note that if you have a provider at the PCC already you are encouraged to communicate your concerns by My Health at Vanderbilt. This will provide continuity of care and feedback to you from a therapist or medical provider who is familiar with your situation.