Community Providers Resource List

Provided is a list of community providers that have expressed interest in serving students' needs off campus. We are happy to help you identify a professional who meets your needs.

Each provider works autonomously and has full, separate, legal, therapeutic responsibility for his/her clients. We offer this list as a resource and this does not constitute endorsement of any of the listed treatment providers or facilities. Users assume responsibility for evaluating and selecting among the providers included in these listings.

Choose the type of provider, then click on providers' names to access more information on their specialties, treatment modalities, and insurance information. 

Student Insurance Information

It is important that students seeking community referrals consider whether a community provider accepts their health insurance plan. Many of the listed community providers in Nashville, TN do not accept the Gallagher student health plan. In order to determine whether a specific provider accepts the Gallagher student health plan, you may click on the individual provider’s name or click on this link and use the “Find a Doctor” link on the left-hand column to search for a provider. For those students who waived the Gallagher plan, you will want to confirm whether the above providers accept your particular health insurance plan. For more information about the Gallagher student insurance plan, click here.

Social Workers

Peg Beehan, LCSW

Anna Ezell, LCSW

Diana Finlayson, LCSW

​Lizzie Harrigan, LCSW

Paul Morris, LCSW

Nashville OCD & Anxiety Treatment Center

​Katie Veit, LCSW, Symmetry Counseling, LLC

Professional Counselors

Aimee Bennett, MMFT

Jennifer Biddle, LPC-MHSP

​Alyssa Birmingham, TLMFT

Holly Cook, LPC-MHSP

​Marcus Geromes, MMFT

Brian C Griner, LPC-MHSP

Mallory Haney, LPC-MHSP

Olesya Leskel, LPC, MHSP

David Montgomery Harb, MFA, MMFT

Tara Hinman, LMFT, CCTP

Lynnette J. Hope, LPC-MHSP

Sarah Kmita, LPC/MHSP

Amy Lazarov, M.ED., NCC., LPC-MHSP (t)

Lauren Martin, LPC-MHSP

Maggie Hope Meyer, LPC

Megan Moir M.A./NCC

Gracie Mullins, MMFT-Pre Clinical Fellow

Patrick M. Nitch, LPC-MHSP

Diana Partington, LPC-MHSP

Kate Pennington, MMFT

Marissa Pollard, MMFT

Teresa Prendes-Walls, LPC-MHSP

Kim Ratcliffe, MFTI

Tom Rhodes, LMFT

Sally Roesch/M.Ed, NCC

Roman and Sokolowski Counseling PLLC

Amanda Roman, LPC-MHSP

Mary Ann Sokolowski, LPC-MHSP

Stephanie Sommerstedt, MMFT

Gabriel Starner, MMFT

Jennifer Strickland, LPC/MHSP

Jay Tift, LPC-MHSP

Winn Thomas, MMFT

Eve Vanzant, LPC-MHSP

​Stephanie Vaughn, PsyD

​Alyssa Walden, MMFT

Rebecca Weiler, LPC-MHSP

Sierra White, MMFT


Keisha Bean, PhD, HSP

Jeffrey L. Binder, PhD, ABPP

Melinda Borthick, Ph.D., HSP

Jim Casey, PsyD

E-Ling Cheah, PsyD, HSP

Daniel Goldstein, PhD

A.J. Heritage, PhD

Stephanie Insko, PhD, HSP 

Jennifer Kasey, PsyD

Justine S. Leichtling, PsyD

Nashville OCD & Anxiety Treatment Center

Rebecca Pearce, PsyD

​Jonathan Rudiger, PsyD, HSP

Lori Simms, PhD

Vida Sobie, PhD

Leigh Van Horn, PhD

Lindsay E. Vaughn, PsyD, HSP, CSP, Hazel House, PLLC


Ira Phillips, MD

Centerstone Tennessee

Centerstone Tennessee has a robust staff of 20+ therapists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and case managers.  The clinic serves all ages, and a variety of symptoms and disorders.  Centerstone provides intake assessments, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and  medication services.  They also have community based services for clients unable to make it into the clinic. Centerstone accepts the Vanderbilt’s Gallagher Student Health Insurance Plan and most major commercial payers. Click here for more information and contact for Centerstone Tennessee.


Nashville Psychotherapy Institute

The Nashville Psychotherapy Institute (NPI) is a membership organization comprised of mental health professionals in various disciplines working in the Nashville area. NPI provides a directory of its members that can be searched by office location, type of insurance accepted, specialty, and other relevant factors. Please note that the PCC does not endorse individual providers. The directory can be accessed here.