Alcohol and Other Drugs

If your son/ daughter has a history of substance use we encourage you to work with your student to participate in support options at the PCC and in the Vanderbilt community as a whole. It is well recognized that stress can increase risk of relapse, and college can be a stressful time. Support services are designed to prevent relapse through helping students engage in healthy coping skills to manage the transition to a new educational and social environment.

We encourage parents to have conversations with your son or daughter about decisions regarding substance use. It is useful to talk with your student about the risks associated with substance use including the legal implications of stimulant misuse (it is a felony to use a stimulant medication without a prescription). Developmentally students often experiment with alcohol and possibly other substances. It is helpful to have discussions about the risks and ramifications of their choices.

  1. Our Alcohol and other Drug (AOD) Team is available to provide both individual and group counseling as needed. 
  2. We have a Vanderbilt Recovery Support group on campus that meets weekly. We encourage you to visit the VRS Website here.
  3. We have a nurse practitioner who specializes in substance use treatment who is available to help with medication management when students have substance use combined with co morbid depression or anxiety or other mental health concern(s).
  4. We have a program for students who do not have an identified problem with substance use but who are identified as using substances on campus as part of their developmental transition to adulthood. This program, entitled BASICS, is designed to provide educational material and 1-2 sessions with one of our AOD team members with a focus on prevention. If you have concerns about your son/ daughter and recent experimentation with alcohol we encourage you to contact our AOD team for an initial educational session.
  5. We have a campus partner in the Dean of Students Center for Student Wellbeing.  More information about their programs is available here on their website.

Please click here to view "Preventing Misuse and Diversion of Medication" by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP).