Welcome to Our University Mental Health Services at the PCC

Thank you for visiting the Psychological and Counseling Center (PCC) website. Academic success is integrally related to emotional well-being. Higher education occurs at Vanderbilt within a complex and vibrant educational and residential community designed to encourage emotional and academic growth and success. Our professional staff is dedicated to promoting the mental health of all Vanderbilt University students. Our goal is to provide services in a caring, compassionate, and culturally competent environment.

The PCC collaborates with the Vanderbilt health care and wellness system to provide resources aimed at individual and group psychological and emotional support, crisis intervention, and assessment and treatment of acute or ongoing mental health needs. We offer a medley of services aimed at enhancing health through an integrated approach. We are committed to providing an integration of clinical services, and ongoing staff development with specific goals for all Vanderbilt students of:

  • Risk reduction to enhance health and wellbeing
  • Reduction of the impact of acute psychological distress or illness
  • Minimizing the impact of ongoing or persistent psychological distress or illness

Our approach integrates the mental health needs of students within a challenging academic environment while considering each student’s unique perspective and cultural expectations related to mental health. We do so by providing services in a culturally competent approach.

Through collaboration with university Student Health Center, the Center for Student Wellbeing, the many campus partners, and community providers we are able to provide collaborative care. Each student who requests our services will have an opportunity to review their concerns with a PCC staff member in order to determine how to most effectively utilize the available resources; this will typically be with a telephone assessment by a PCC counselor.

Our students have a range of backgrounds leading to variable levels of comfort with mental health support. For this reason we offer services that extend beyond the walls of our center and into the campus community through educational workshops, seminars, and Let’s Talk, a drop-in support service at multiple campus locations.

I encourage each of you to review our services and identify an entry point that fits with your individual concerns. The PCC staff will explore your identified needs and review our programs with you to develop a plan for mental health support. The PCC staff and I look forward to working with you to help you meet your personal and academic goals.



Catherine Fuchs, MD

Professor of Psychiatry

Director, Psychological and Counseling Center