Share your message on our display screens

Tell me about these display screens.

PatientPoint is the vendor we use for our display, or "spotlight," screens. Patient Education manages 17 of these screens in collaboration with Marketing and Engagement, Internal Communications, HR, and other departments.

Submitting a request is simple.

If you'd like to share a message on our display screens, follow this link to our request form. The form will take about 4 minutes to fill out. We'll make sure your message meets our guidelines and will work with you to share your message. You can request for your message to be shown on one or more screens.

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What kinds of messages do you show on the screens?

The screens are able to show images and videos with no sound.

We focus on messages that inform and educate patients and employees. Messages are helpful, educational, and action-oriented. We do not post messages that are self-promoting or sales-oriented.

Some of our common uses are: 

  • highlighting Credo award winners
  • promoting town halls, public lectures, and other informative events
  • reminding employees and patients about vaccines, blood drives, and other health-oriented opportunities.

Where are these screens located?

  • At Vanderbilt University Medical Center: Adult Diabetes, ED, MCE South, MCN Lobby, Neurosciences/VAV, Orthopaedic Institute, the parking garage valet, VICC, VUH/CVICU waiting area, and the School of Medicine/Light Hall
  • Cardiology, Murfreesboro
  • Cardiology, Williamson County
  • The Multiple Sclerosis Center in Green Hills

Is there anything else I should know before I submit?

  • Images and videos must be 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high. Some people will be looking at your message from across the room. Design your message like a billboard. Note: If you create an image in PowerPoint, the slide dimensions in inches are 12.8 wide by 7.2 high.
  • Videos must be less than 3 minutes (shorter is generally better). None of the screens have audio.
  • Accepted file formats are: JPG, PNG, MP4