Krames Staywell patient education content

Krames Staywell is our enterprise vendor for patient education materials and videos. Internal content is also available through the Krames platform. This content can be accessed through Clinical References in eStar. Or you can use one of the links to Krames On-Demand. These links can be found on Resources for Employees, Nursing Resources, and the desktops of clinical workstations. Here is the link: Krames On-Demand

This content is fully customizable.  It can be edited or deleted as necessary, and entirely new  content can be uploaded. Contact Patient Education if you would like to edit, delete, or add a document to the Krames repository.

Look on eDocs

Many internal patient education documents have been integrated into the Krames platform. Some patient education documents created at Vanderbilt are still available on eDocs.

Submit a new project to Patient Education

If you cannot find the material you need in Krames or you wish to revise a document in Krames, please submit your request to Patient Education by completing our SharePoint request form for Patient Education.