The VUMC Core Ordering and Reporting Enterprise System (CORES) is operated and maintained by the VUMC Office of Research as part of its mission to support all VUMC researchers, core facilities and shared resources.

Once you have been set up as a user, all core-related charges for products and services can be reviewed using the CORES web application.

VUMC C.O.R.E.S. Frequently Asked Questions

Submit a CORES New User Account Request form. Please allow 48 hours for request forms to be processed. Once you have been set up, you can use your VUnet ID and e-password to access CORES. 

Check out the Cores User Guides located at the bottom of this page, or contact us at to schedule a brief training session.

Core managers enter charges for products and services in CORES, using center numbers validated by your departmental administrator.

Invoices are generated once each month, and all charges for the month are uploaded to Finance by the second working day of each month. PIs and their designated assistants receive email notification of invoices each month.

Yes! CORES was designed to make getting this information easy. You can use a number of report functions to obtain detailed information about core products and services purchased on your center numbers.

This is easy to do before charges have been uploaded to Finance. You can use the Center Number Correction/Distribution function in CORES to make these changes.  Once charges have been uploaded to Finance, see your departmental administrator for assistance in preparing a journal entry to transfer the charge.  If the charge is entirely incorrect, see the appropriate core manager for a refund.

Verify your center number(s) with your departmental administrator or lab manager. You will be asked to provide a valid center number when you use core services.

You must have a Center Number Card to make a purchase in a product core. These cards contain your center number information in barcode format. You will be asked to scan your card before making your purchase(s).

Departmental Administrators, Principal Investigators and their assistants can use the Request Center Number Cards function for any cost center already in CORES

  • This option is available on the Main Menu page when you log in to CORES.  The requests will be automatically submitted for processing in the Office of Research. 

Alternatively, center cards can be created in the MCBR Product Core.

  1. Scan your center number card - Hold your card about 4-6 inches from the scanner so that the red lines from the scanner cross the barcode on the back. The system will display the Center Number and PI Name.
  2. Your PI has the option to request that your name be entered for each transaction. If prompted, enter your name using the touch screen keypad.
  3. Scan your item(s). As you scan each item, the system will display the description and price.
  4. Touch the ‘Submit’ button. This is the last step after you have scanned all of your items. The system will notify you that the order is complete.
  5. CORES will automatically generate a receipt by e-mail to the lab manager or designated person for each PI. CORES will also generate a monthly invoice containing all orders for the month. The lab manager can review and approve or reject the monthly invoice on-line.

All core services and products are billed to institutional cost centers electronically via CORES.  Please contact your Departmental Administrator (usually AO or similar) directly to request that your center numbers be made active for billing in VUMC CORES.   


Departmental administrators can review the center numbers currently available for billing in CORES by using thePI/Center Number report option on the Reports Menu in CORES.  

Instructions: Activation of New Center Numbers:

  1. Log into CORES using Departmental Administrator role.
  2. In the Quick Links Section, click on “Add/Edit/Delete Billing Numbers".
  3. Click on button “Add Billing Number”.
  4. Select “Center Number” for Account Type.
  5. Fill in center number information accordingly. Note, the begin and end dates are not required.
  6. Click on “Add Center Number”.

Instructions: Editing Center Numbers:

  1. Log into CORES using Departmental Administrator role.
  2. In the Quick Links section, click on “Add/Edit/Delete Billing Numbers".
  3. Enter the center number in the “Search For” box and click “Search”.
  4. Click directly on the center number to open the center number details.
  5. Make any necessary adjustments.
  6. Click “Update Center Number”.

Instructions: Deleting Center Numbers:

  1. Log into CORES using Departmental Administrator role.
  2. In the Quick Links section, click on “Add/Edit/Delete Billing Numbers".
  3. Enter the center number in the “Search For” box and click “Search”.
  4. Click directly on the center number to open the center number details.
  5. Click the Red X on the center number line to delete.

Select the Billing Number Correction/ Distribution option in the Quick Links section to see an itemized list of each product and/or service that have been purchased using your center numbers. Use the dropdown menu next to each line item to change the center number charged or to distribute the charge across multiple center numbers.  Once charges have been entered by the core manager, you may review them at any time. You can choose to have your charges distributed to any of your valid center numbers.

Note:  This should be done before the third working day of each new month in order to correct or redistribute charges from the previous month.

Invoices are generated once per month, when charges in CORES are uploaded to the general ledger on the third business day of each month.  You may opt to receive monthly email notices when invoices are generated for products or services you have purchased. 

Following upload, you can view invoices using the Approve/Dispute Invoices option. Click directly on the invoice numbers to see the invoice details.  After approval, you can access details for all of your charges at any time using the Reports Menu.

Note:  Once the upload is complete and invoice notification has been emailed,disputing an invoice will not prevent the charges from posting to the general ledger.  The "dispute" option  generates automatic notification to the core manager and to the Office of Research.  A journal entry is required to transfer posted charges to a different center number.  If a charge is incorrect, you may request a refund by contacting the appropriate core manager.

There are a number of options available from this menu:


  • Pre-Invoice Report will return a list of charges that will be invoiced at the end of the current billing period. 
  • Query allows you to define a number of variables to return a detailed report. 
  • Usage Reports allows current and historical searches sorted by a single variable (e.g. center number or core facility) 
  • PI/Center Number Report will return a list of your currently active center numbers in CORES.

VUMC C.O.R.E.S. User Guides for PIs, Resource Users, and Department Administrators