iLab System- Registration Instructions

Please click to open the registration instructions.  Please note the instructions differ depending on your role and institution.



Registration Instructions for VUMC Users (PIs, Lab Managers, and Lab Members)

All VUMC users should select their PI's lab name when registering. 

Registration Instructions for VUMC Department Administrators

All VUMC department administrators should only select the Admin (VUMC) Lab when registering.

Registration Instructions for VUMC Core Managers & Core Staff

All VUMC core managers and core staff members should only select the Core's Lab name when registering.


Registration Instructions for VU Users (PIs, Lab Managers, and Lab Members)

All VU users should select their PI's lab name when registering. 

VU Students working with a VUMC PI should select the AAA Default (VU) Lab when registering.

Registration Instructions for VU Department Administrators

All VU department administrators should only select the Admin (VU) Lab when registering.

External Customers

Registration Instructions for External Customers

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