Maya C.

What has been your career path?  Where are you now on your path?

It's taken me a while to get to nursing, but now that I'm here I can’t imagine a more perfect career.

How did Vanderbilt University Medical Center's Nurse Residency Program support your transition to practice?  What has the experience meant to you?

Knowing that the Nurse Residency Program was here to support me and was invested in my success has provided a good foundation for my nursing practice.

Did you consider other residency programs?  Why did you choose Vanderbilt?

I applied to programs all over the country but I chose Vanderbilt because Nashville felt like a town I could grow in, and Vanderbilt felt like a community I would want to be surrounded by.

What is it about being a Vanderbilt nurse that makes you proud?

It is one thing to talk about credo, but here on the Palliative Care Unit, I have found that I see credo behaviors every day.  My co-workers are always lending a helping hand and I am constantly learning from them.