Medical Student Research Program in Diabetes - FAQs

Medical Student Research Program in Diabetes - FAQs

  • Your application is sent to the two Centers that you list as your two choices.  The Centers review the applications and send a list of ranked students to the Coordinating Center who then performs the match process until all positions are filled. 

  • We try to inform everyone by mid- to late-March, but we are dependent upon the Diabetes Centers sending us their lists of students. 

  • The NIH feels that less than two months (60 days) would not provide a suitable research experience, so require two months of participation during the summer.  

  • It is approximately $2,200 per month and is paid according to the regulations of the Center to which a student is matched. Please contact your Center's administrator with questions about your stipend. 

  • No, it is a set amount for all post graduates and is non-negotiable. 

  • The program does not pay for housing, but the Centers work to help students find affordable housing such as dormitories, sub-leases, etc. 

  • No, only travel to Nashville for the symposium is paid for by the program. 

  • The travel allowance provides travel from the summer Center to the symposium in Nashville and is paid according to regulations of the Center to which a student is matched. It is up to $1,000. 

  • If you worked on a project and a published paper comes from that project, you will be listed as one of the authors.  

  • • You will be divided into small groups and will have about five minutes each time to present your poster.

    • There will also be an open poster session where odd numbered poster presenters stand by their posters to present to even number poster presenters and then change places halfway through.  

    • You will hear invited speakers talk about career paths and also have Lunch with Visiting Professors.  

    • A local panel of residency directors will speak and answer questions concerning residencies. 

  • Medical school deans are usually very willing to allow a student to miss classes and return to the symposium for the two days. Reach out to us to get a letter requesting an excused absence from classes.