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Lori Jordan, M.D., Ph.D.

Biographical Sketch

Lori C. Jordan, M.D., Ph.D. earned her B.S. in Biology from the College of William and Mary in Virginia, graduating Phi Beta Kappa. She then received her medical degree (M.D.) from the University of Oklahoma and her Ph.D. in Clinical Investigation from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She completed residencies in Pediatrics and Pediatric Neurology as well as a fellowship in Cerebrovascular Neurology (Stroke) at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. After completing her training, Dr. Jordan was on staff at John Hopkins Hospital for several years. There, she was Director of the Pediatric Stroke Program and Co-Director of the Pediatric Neurovascular Center. In 2011, she joined the faculty at Vanderbilt in the divisions of Pediatric Neurology and Stroke in the Department of Neurology. Dr. Jordan is Assistant Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics.

Dr. Jordan has particular expertise in ischemic stroke, brain hemorrhage, vascular malformations and the neurological complications of sickle cell disease. She is one of only a handful of child neurologists in the world with formal, subspecialty training in cerebrovascular neurology. She is Director of the Pediatric Stroke Program at Monroe Carell, Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. 
Dr. Jordan’s clinical research program focuses on predicting and improving outcome after hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke in children. She is also a member of the John F. Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development.

Research Summary

My clinical research program focuses on predicting and improving outcome after hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke in children. Stroke is as common as brain tumor in children but is vastly understudied. Children who suffer a stroke in childhood have decades to live with their neurological deficits, and typical motor and cognitive development is often disrupted. Currently, my clinical research laboratory is focused on finding predictors of good recovery and poor neurological outcome after stroke as potential targets for intervention and improved care for children with stroke. We are also working to improve methods of outcome measurement in this field. 

I am also a co-investigator in several national, multi-center studies of childhood stroke. I am involved in multidisciplinary collaborations with physicians in pediatric hematology to study stroke prevention and treatment in children with sickle cell disease. 

Selected Publications

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