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Clinical Orientation

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All new licensed and non-licensed clinical staff who have direct patient care attend Clinical Orientation after they attend Medical Center Orientation. During Clinical Orientation, participants review skills, and participate in didactic and discussion sessions.

Monday's portion of orientation is held in Light Hall 202 (refer to Medical Center Orientation's directions to Langford Auditorium, as the room is adjacent to the exit of Langford Auditorium).  Tuesday and Wednesday portions of Clinical orientation are held at 3401 West End Avenue, Suite 100(Parking is not available here. View a parking map and directions here.) To enter the building, walk through the parking garage in the back to access the lobby, and take the elevators to the first floor.

Clinical Orientation is typically held twice a month. For Jan-July Clinical Orientation sessions, please view our Jan-June 2019 calendar here. For 2019 July-Dec Clinical Orientation sessions, please view our July-Dec 2019 calendar here.

Participants will be given an individualized itinerary when they arrive, as specific schedules depend upon job roles. The general schedule is as follows:

Sample Clinical Orientation schedule:




Monday A.M.

Medical Center Orientaton, Meet and Greet (7:00am-8:00am)

Langford Auditorium

Monday P.M.

Clinical Orientation (12:30pm-4:30pm)

Light Hall 202
Adjacent to Langford Auditorium

Tuesday (all day)

Clinical Orientation (8:00am-4:30pm)

3401 West End Suite 100

Wednesday (all day)

Clinical Orientation (8:00am-4:30pm)

3401 West End Suite 100


Schedule as determined by manager/educator



Schedule as determined by manager/educator



  • Lunch is provided to participants on Monday only. During subsequent days, participants are invited to bring lunch (refrigeration provided onsite), purchase lunch at the 3401 building cafe, or walk to a nearby restaurant.
  • Clinical Orientation will not be cancelled, even during inclement weather.
  • Clinical Orientation is hosted by Nursing Education and Professional Development.  Meet our team here!
  • Online Clinical Orientation Manual* available to VUMC Staff
    (* = log-in required)


Clinical Orientation,

David Collier, MBA, BSN, RN-BC, Nursing Professional Development Specialist 615.343.9802,