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About Us

Nursing Education and Professional Development (NE&PD) supports VUMC’s mission of providing its staff educational opportunities to enhance skills and foster ongoing professional development.  From orientation and onboarding, contact hour opportunities, and leader development programs, NE&PD is an integral part of the support system for VUMC staff.

While most of what we do is focused on nursing, many of our programs and communications are pertinent to non-licensed clinical staff and non-nursing VUMC leaders.  We also have outreach opportunities for our community health care colleagues.

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Our Goals

Provide programs that support individuals in their professional development.

Evaluate the educational and developmental needs of the organization and community. Implement programs structured to address these needs.

Collaborate with colleagues to evaluate data that identifies chasms and provide an educational framework for implementation of programs and processes to improve outcomes.

Implement programs that support the Medical Center’s growth and support the achievement of targeted goals. Evaluate existing programs to maximize resources and decrease waste.

Foster the generation, utilization, and dissemination of evidence in practice.

NE&PD Mission Statement

Support a culture of life-long learning by promoting and providing educational and developmental opportunities for healthcare professionals.