Student Internships


Student internships may be formal (e.g. for course credit or part of an established internship placement program) or informal (e.g. not for course credit or a part of an established program).

For formal internships, students are responsible for independently connecting with departments/programs or academic advisors to determine procedures and criteria for obtaining course credit for work at the MVA. Prospective interns interested in an informal internship should submit all the required application materials for MVA.  Interested students are responsible for assessing the criteria from their respective institutions for internships and ensuring that this aligns with an internship being offered by MVA.



The MVA accepts applications for student interns in January, May, & August/ September. Students will be accepted on a first-come basis to fill a limited number of internship slots. The due dates for application materials are:

  • Fall Student Internships - September
  • Spring Student Internships - January
  • Summer Student Internships - May



Student interns are expected to commit a minimum of eight hours per week. The minimum duration for internships is eight weeks.

Students may modify their hours to accommodate changes due to test schedules or appointments with advisors or professors; however, you are expected to make up hours missed.