Mainframe Services


Mainframe Service is defined as a service that facilitates the implementation of applications hosted by a mainframe, and provides applications access to the mainframe, or allows sharing of mainframe data.

Application implementation examples include:

  • Upgrading mainframe system components
  • Enabling mainframe system features
  • Modifying mainframe system components to assist with application upgrades
  • Troubleshooting mainframe hosted application issues where application troubleshooting avenues have been exhausted

Application access includes:

  • Opening security rules to allow a connection
  • Importing Security certificates to connect with external applications over encrypted links

Sharing of mainframe data includes:

  • File transfers to share data with mainframe applications or share mainframe hosted data with external vendors
  • Use of the network to share mainframe data with VUMC applications

How can I get it?

To obtain Mainframe Service, submit a Pegasus Ticket.

To facilitate the request, also include:

  • Project name
  • Simple justification for the request
  • Any documentation relevant to the request (can be added as an attachment to the Request)