How to Buy a Device at VUMC

VUMC IT has a selection of computers (known as workstations) and printers for Medical Center employees and departments to choose from.

  • Read more about Guaranteed Hardware Lifecycling (below) when you buy your computers with VUMC IT.

  • VUMC IT Customer Relationship Managers are available to assist you with the process.

  • GHL cost must be a minimum of $500.



    • To get a quote for CWS hardware or peripherals, use CWS HARDWARE QUOTE request.

    • To purchase a new clinical workstation (with mouse and keyboard), monitor, stand (and supports) OR a clinical workstation on wheels (WOW Cart) - All CWS - Install PC.

    • To purchase a Badge Reader (Tap In/Tap Out) use the Purchase EPIC Hardware request.


    • To purchase a Handheld Zebra scanner, a Zebra Label Maker, or a Fujitsu Document Scanner, submit a Purchase EPIC Hardware ticket and select your equipment.

    • To purchase a new printer, including label printers, armband printers, prescription printers, multi-function printers and document printers submit a request to Purchase New Printer.

    • To purchase a Mobile Heartbeat iPhone and chargers submit a request to Purchase Mobile Devices.

    • To purchase a BCA Downtime System submit a Purchase BCA System Request.


    • To add a new CWS (includes site survey, updated quotes and information for delivery and set-up) submit a request for All CWS - Install PC.

    • Howard Carts (WoW carts), use the All CWS - Install PC request.

    • For old equipment or when you have used CWS equipment that needs to be taken away, submit a request for Reclaim CWS Devices.

    • When you need to transition your IT assets to VUMC IT/NTT Support, use a request for Transition IT Support.

    • Request new print queues, or deletion and changes to print queues using Windows for Print Queue Requests.

    • Need a CWS PC and Printer Refresh (up to a quantity of 15 devices)? Submit a request for ALL CWS - Refresh.

    • Need to move a workstation(s)? Use the request for CWS - Move Computer.

    • Need additional peripherals or modifications to existing hardware? Submit a request for a CWS - Add or Change.

    • To get estimates from Facilities Management for things like CAT6 cable pulls, wall mounts, and power plug installations use the Plant Services Estimates tool.

    Click on the image below to download a larger copy to view or print.

    cws worksheet


    Guaranteed Hardware Lifecycling allows a department to purchase a computer over three years rather than pay for it all at once. This allows departments to lifecycle computers throughout the lifecycle period with VUMC IT computer support included. 

    Guaranteed Hardware Lifecycling is not a lease but a three-year purchase plan with 0% interest. At the plan's end, departments are encouraged to replace their hardware. See a list of our current models or use the GHL Cost Worksheet to estimate your pricing. 


    1. Hardware selections are based upon a minimum set of criteria that is compatible with administrative and clinical requirements.
    2. A guaranteed three-year warranty and lifecycle is provided.
    3. The customer is responsible for contacting the VUMC IT/NTT Help Desk for computer repairs. 
    4. A separate service is available for shared network storage. This service is recommended for backing up local data to a network drive.
    5. GHL computers are kept in compliance with VUMC Patch Management policies.
    6. Warranty repair on the computer will be provided for normal wear and tear.
    7. Costs not covered under warranty will be the responsibility of the customer.
    8. The customer is responsible for the value of the computer if it is lost or stolen.
    9. Billing is completed on a monthly basis and all costs are billed to the cost center provided on our cost worksheet to account number 81000 for a term of 36 months.
    10. Guaranteed Hardware Lifecycling costs cover the purchase of the system only.
    11. If the customer terminates this agreement at any time, the customer is responsible for the remaining value of the system.
    12. Apple trade-in devices are subject to technical review prior to establishing actual value.
    13. Questions and comments should be directed to

    To have devices removed from your department, visit


    VUMC IT Data Center Operations provides recycling and secure destruction services for obsolete electronic devices that have been replaced or otherwise decommissioned. Devices received by the IT Operations Center (ITOC) are documented, processed, and transferred to a vendor for recycling or destruction.

    How do I request assistance?

    Prior to submitting a request for surplus data and device removal, customers should be prepared with the following information about each device:

    • Make
    • Model
    • Serial #
    • Device Type (Desktop, Laptop, etc.)
    • Is a certificate of destruction required?

    If the equipment to be surplussed is not supported by VUMC IT/NTT, submit a Pegasus Ticket to VUMC IT CHAIN OF CUSTODY. The request does not include transportation for surplus equipment. To arrange pickup and transportation, customers can create a work order with VUMC Storage and Services by visiting the Plant Services website

    If the equipment to be surplussed is currently supported by VUMC IT/NTT, submit a Pegasus Ticket to ALL CWS AND AWS – RECLAIM

    Expected response method

    End users will receive a response via the Pegasus Request. ITOC staff will follow up via email or telephone if more information is required. If applicable, certificate(s) of destruction will be delivered via email.

    During processing, VUMC IT staff will document device information, including type, make, model, serial number, and VTAG number (if applicable). Hard drives and other storage media are removed from the host device, separately documented, and separately stored in secure media storage bins. Processed devices are picked up by the vendor on a weekly basis.

    After processing and pickup, the vendor supplies an inventory report and certificates of destruction. These documents are reconciled against surplus device information during processing. Certificates of destruction are available upon request.