How to Buy a Computer


VUMC IT has a selection of computers for Medical Center workforce to choose from. Learn more about our Administrative Workstations, Clinical Workstations, and Virtual Machines here.

How can I get started?

When you know what you want to order, you can estimate pricing on the GHL worksheet. Special order computers are also available. To assure that you are submitting the correct request, review the VUMC IT computer requests below.

Customer Relationship Managers are available to assist you with the process.

Please be aware that when you place an order for a workstation or other equipment that it may take four to six weeks for delivery. Orders placed at fiscal year-end and during the holiday season may take longer. Special orders can take up to six weeks or longer depending upon vendor availability.

Read more about Guaranteed Hardware Lifecycling when you buy your computers though VUMC IT.

Most common workstation requests:

1. Use this request for quotes on all administrative workstations

 Administrative Workstation – Quote Only

  • Quotes are for proposals or purchases that will be ordered later

  • We may also use quotes so that you can order accessories yourself

  • Quotes can be used for price comparisons

2. Use this request to replace an administrative workstation

 Administrative Workstation – Replace Existing PC

  • Replaces existing equipment

  • Need name of computer being replaced in request

3. Use this request to purchase a workstation for a new employee

 Administrative Workstation – Purchase New PC

  • This is a new PC or Mac

  • Does not replace existing machine

  • Such as for a new position

  • Putting this request in rather than a replace in error may cause delays

4. Use this request to purchase a monitor or a docking station

 Administrative Workstation - Purchase Monitor or Laptop Docking Station ONLY

  • Use for purchase of in-stock

  • 24” monitors

  • HP UltraSlim docks

  • Dell wall mounts, consoles or behind the monitor mounts for micros

  • A 3 letter department code is needed. You may find this on the yellow sticker on your AWS which reads NLxxx where xxx is the placeholder for the department code.

5. Use this request to get workstation-related reports

Inventory Management

  • Use to request access to your billing and inventory information

  • Use to make changes to billing

  • Use to change the name of the user or system location

  • DO NOT USE the Pegasus Tolero Application Data Change Request 

6. Use this request to remove old equipment

 Reclaim Devices - Administrative and Clinical Workstations 

  • Use this request for the removal or decommission of CWS/AWS PC or Print Devices (up to a quantity of 15)

  • Required approvals for your department should be followed to support fulfillment of this request

7. Pricing and Forms

Current pricing is available on the Administrative Workstation page under the Hardware Specifications tab.

  • The most current pricing for our standard machines is always available on the GHL Cost Worksheet.

  • If you need multiple machines please also complete the Request Multiple Computers spreadsheet

  • If you need to attach 1180s or quotes please note we prefer PDFs, but other formats are allowed. The TIFF format will not attach.

8. Other Requests

Read more about the computer purchase process in this Knowledge Article.