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Security Operations has implemented a secure file transfer service solution to meet the privacy needs of the Medical Center workforce.  This service is used to help preserve data confidentiality and integrity when transferring files.

How do I get it?

Web Browser - You already have an account. Go to the Accellion Site and log-in. 
Outlook Plugin - Contact the VUMC Help Desk at 343-HELP/3-4357 and submit a Pegasus Request for the Accellion Outlook plugin.

More Information on Accellion

  • The web browser connects to the SFT service using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. 
  • The browser allows uploading or downloading of files
  • Recipients are notified of the available file(s)
  • Sender is notified when recipient downloads a file
  • The Outlook plugin sends the file(s) encrypted from within the email client.
  • Max file storage capacity per user = 5000MB 
  • Files less then 2048MB expire after 30 days
  • Files greater than 2048MB expire after 7 days. 

If the user receives an error message that reports "Not sufficient space," the account capacity (5000MB) is full and requires manual deletion of files.

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