Core Instructions

Implementation Science Core VICTR Voucher Request Checklist

1. Contact an Implementation Science Core member about partnership and to receive a Project Template Form.  Sunil KripalaniHeather LimperKathryn Goggins

2. Complete the first section of the Project Template Form and submit to Kathryn Goggins. Kathryn will complete the form with a budget and Core member list of services and return the form to you. 

3. Create a CORES user account if you do not already have one. A voucher cannot be approved until this exists. This account will allow you to view charges that the Implementation Science Core 

4. Log in to StarBRITE and create a new fund request form (under the “Funding” tab, click “APPLY HERE”

a.       Title and user role

i.      Add the PI and add Kathryn Goggins (VUNet: gogginkm) as a “proxy”

ii.     If necessary, add a “primary contact,” this person will help manage the fund request submission

b.      Specify that the Implementation Science Core (a sub-core of the HSR Core) will be receiving funds

i.      Under Resources, click on “technical core facilities” and find the “Health Services Research Core”

ii.      In the box that pops up on the right, attach the completed IS Project Template Form

iii.      Enter the estimated budget from project request form

*Cost sharing will not be necessary for requests under $2,000

iv.      In the box asking you to describe services requested, use the Implementation Core template language, specify which services you are requesting, and click “add”

c.       Enter all PI information

i.      Including eRA Commons Username and Mentor name

*PI should ask administrator for his/her NIH eRA Commons username if unknown

d.      Project specific information

i.      Basic information about the study (funding and trainee information)

e.      S cientific Information

i.      Hypothesis/research question(s)

ii.      Scientific summary of problem that study will address

iii.      Description of how this project will translate to humans or health services and how funds will help accomplish aims

iv.      Describe how funding will promote training/career of researchers

v.      IRB status

*If not associated with an IRB-approved study, will need to describe why

f.        Attach  Documents

i.      Research proposal

ii.      Biosketch

iii.      Schedule of events

iv.      Inclusion/Exclusion criteria

v.      Mentor letter (*only “Document” that is required ) -  this can be an email approving the project

g.       Review proposal and submit


**If you receive any emails from VICTR about the request, please respond to them and try to address any issues that arise as quickly as possible.  Contact Kathryn Goggins if you need additional assistance.**


Implementation Science Core Template Language

The Implementation Science Core includes faculty and staff with expertise in a wide array of methodological areas including quality improvement frameworks (PDSA, Six Sigma, Lean), systems-level process change (process mapping), Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), research design (quasi-experimental studies, pragmatic clinical trials, mixed-methods approaches), process evaluation (adoption, fidelity), and data visualization. Core consulting services provide support to investigate the effectiveness of interventions in real-world settings, navigate transformational change needed to incorporate evidence-based practices into routine care, identify and address redundancies and waste in healthcare delivery, quantify feasibility of improvement efforts, and identify methods for sustainability of improvement. The Core further provides services to enhance the rigor of scholarship around implementation science.