Go To Meeting

The Center for Health Services Research has a license for Go To Meeting, which is a web-conferencing and webinar hosting service.


Go To Meeting offers three services:

GTM logoGo To Meeting is an audio and visual conferencing service, which allows the presenter to share their screen (or individual applications) with up to 25 attendees/devices. You may switch between presenters or give mouse and keyboard rights to attendees, so that they can interact with the presenter’s screen. Attendees may join meetings by PC, Mac, telephone, ipad, iphone, or Android.


GTW logoGo To Webinar allows presenters to conduct webinars with up to 100 attendees/devices. While attendees have limited privileges,preassigned “panelists” can be given presenter rights at any point during the webinar. 


GTT logoGo To Training offers an interactive learning tool. Presenters project their screen to up to 100 attendees. Go To Training allows you to customize attendee registration and receive feedback immediately through built in customizable surveys.



There are a lot of additional functions available for each service, for more information please visit www.gotomeeting.com.

For more information, or to request a Go To Meeting service please send an email to marine.v.ghulyan@vanderbilt.edu