Stop and Smell the Flowers

​The adage “April showers bring May flowers” reminds us that there can be growth and beauty even in difficult times.

“I thought my shrubs were dead, and I would be needing to replace them following the flash freeze this past winter.  With a little patience, and my own procrastination, I noticed that the buds are starting to come alive and beginning to show some life,” notes Jim Kendall, LCSW, Manager, Work/Life Connections-EAP.

Like those shrubs, our mental well-being has also been especially challenged the past few years, but we have learned to be patient and resilient.

Five insights gained from a year of beauty amongst adversity:

  1. Self-care: Remember to recharge, connect with others, and create daily routines. It’s important!
  2. Take time with family: Working remotely provided opportunities to show us that there can be interaction outside of the usual hustle and bustle. Take pleasure in the small things, like having lunch with a loved one, and give yourself grace in the times of struggle.
  3. Appreciation, gratitude, and hope: Appreciate the people in your life, feel gratitude for the small things (like toilet paper!), and look for hope on the horizon.
  4. Be intentional: Enjoy simpler pleasures such as nature walks, gardening, new hobbies, and quiet time.
  5. Be open to new ways of doing things: Embrace the positive changes in your work and home life. Working remotely, using new technology, and flexible schedules may contribute to greater balance.

Stop and smell the flowers that have been watered by the April showers. Let the warmth of May nourish your psychological growth and mental well-being.