Make Your Day Mindful

By Megan Bergfeld, LCSW
Clinical Counselor

Research abounds on the mental health benefits of mindfulness, so it’s no wonder this comes up a lot in sessions at Work/Life Connections–EAP. Many folks think mindfulness requires a dedicated meditation practice. While meditation can be helpful, there are many alternatives you can weave into your day to boost your mindfulness – even in a fast-paced place like Vanderbilt.

Some examples:

Sensory Shower: Turn your focus to your senses to make your shower a mindful experience. Listen to the sound of the water. Feel the temperature and sensation of the drops on your skin. Breathe in the scent of your soap. Watch the steam rise and bubbles form.

Hand Hygiene Mantra: Breathe and recite something simple every time you…

…foam in: “Breathing in, I prepare. Breathing out, I’m ready.”

…foam out: “Breathing in, I reset. Breathing out, I move forward.”

Enjoy the View: Take in your surroundings as you walk around campus. Watch the plants sway in the courtyard. Notice the differences in wall art on each unit. Survey the skyline (and hills beyond) through the windows of the 8MCE bistro. Trace the outlines along the Butterfly Wall at VCH. Breathe, let yourself be present, and scan the view. Maybe you’ll spot a detail you’ve never noticed before.

How do you make your day mindful? Email me at to share your ideas!

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