Departmental Ergonomic Evaluations or Manager Referrals

The Occupational Health Clinic's Ergonomics program provides ergonomic consultations for departments. Our certified ergonomic assessment specialists will perform assessments of the office setting and evaluations of materials handling protocol, as well as provide assistance with planning for new construction or renovation projects and ensuring injured employees prevent reinjury. These requests are reserved for Vanderbilt department supervisors or managers. To request a departmental evaluation, the manager completes an Ergonomic Consultation Request.

The Ergonomics Program provides a consultation only – the program is not funded to purchase equipment that may be recommended. The home department is responsible for implementing recommendations. Below are a few options for supervisors:

  1. Office procurement is able to help with vendor selection. This department also has a budget furniture program.
  2. Use existing departmental budget, if available.
  3. Prioritize and purchase things gradually, as they are needed.
  4. Redistribute existing equipment according to need.
  5. Good quality equipment may be available at the surplus warehouse.
  6. In some cases, it may be necessary to add the request to the operating budget for the next fiscal year.

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