5 Questions to Ask Yourself Today to Better Manage Workplace Stress

By Natalie Dodd, LCSW
Clinical Counselor, Work/Life Connections-EAP

There is no shock in calling out the fast-paced lifestyle VUMC staff members may experience within the workplace. You may notice that you lean on fight or flight responses to manage stressors throughout the day and utilize limited tools to deescalate. Increasing self-awareness allows for an opportunity to recalibrate your nervous system and ground yourself, which in turn increases resiliency.

Here are 5 questions you can ask yourself right now that immediately enhance internal awareness and curiosity. 

  • What emotions am I experiencing right now?
  • What is something within my current environment I can utilize to help ground me? This may look like sitting in a chair, placing your feet on the ground, putting one hand over heart and one hand over belly and offering five deep breaths. Or you may have a picture on your desk of something that offers a sense of calm you can focus on for five breaths.
  • Have I felt connected to myself today? If not, what can I do today to tune inwards?
  • Am I feeling connected with others today? If not, how can I connect with someone today?
  • What is something I am grateful for today?

If you would like additional stress management tools or to talk to one of our team members about workplace stress, call Work/Life Connections-EAP at 615-936-1327 to schedule your free and confidential appointment today.