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When was the last time you showed up at work, only to be faced with cookies, doughnuts, or a cake someone brought to commemorate a special occasion? Celebrations do not mean you have to throw your healthy habits out the window. Instead, change the culture in your break room by bringing delicious alternatives to the traditional party foods. Lead by promoting wellness, while still pleasing the taste buds of your coworkers.

Celebration Tips:

  • Think fresh: use seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables to cut down on calories, fat, and added sugar.
  • Recipe makeover: making dishes at home allows you to choose which ingredients you use. Find ways to reduce the salt, sugar, and fat in your favorite party dishes.
  • Make a pact: start a conversation with your workplace about creating a wellness culture, and decide together to bring healthier options to parties and celebrations. Share recipes and have fun, as a team, making changes that will improve health and wellbeing.
  • Get moving: consider adding physical activity to your celebration. Go for a group walk, gather for simple yoga stretches, or play a game that gets you moving. This is not only good for your health, but will cultivate bonding between your team members, and allow you all to have fun together.

Sweet Ideas:

  • Fruit & yogurt parfaits: top Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, chopped nuts and a drizzle of honey
  • Fruit kebobs: use plain yogurt mixed with a little honey for a dip
  • Kashi granola bars
  • Graham crackers spread with natural peanut butter, topped with mini dark chocolate chips
  • Frozen whole grain waffles topped with nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt, sprinkled with cinnamon, and topped with fresh fruit

Savory Ideas:

  • Salsa with baked chips
  • Hummus and cut vegetables or whole grain crackers
  • Part-skim string cheese or low-fat cheese cubes with grapes
  • Fresh vegetable tray with a Greek yogurt-based dip
  • Low-fat, low sodium popcorn
  • Crostini made with reduced-fat ricotta, halved cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and drizzled balsamic
  • Flatbread pizza squares: pita bread with tomato sauce, topped with part-skim mozzarella and roasted veggies, baked until cheese is warm and bubbly


Prepare a delicious snack that is a healthier alternative to your usual celebration foods, and take it to your break room one day this week. As your coworkers enjoy the dish, start a conversation about creating a wellness culture in your workplace.

Use this food tips for healthy meetings chart as a reference for future office gatherings. If applicable, print off and share with whomever orders food for office-sponsored meals.

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